“Frequently Asked Questions” for most,

“Furry Aardvarks in Quarantine” for the unusual.

How long does it take to get my customized routine?

In most cases it’s 10-14 days after your order has been placed and accepted.

What type of Comics can I choose from?

PROFESSIONAL. If they’re funny, we’ve got ‘em. Every gender, every race, every nationality, from clean to raunchy, from complimentary to insulting, YOU choose the type of comedy. Remember, these are professional comics, and would NEVER tell a “Knock Knock” joke.

How personalized will the routines be?

You fill out the handy questionnaire here on the site with as much or as little as you want, and our professional comics take it from there. YOU are actually helping to write the script! (Now don’t go looking for a percentage). 

Where can I use my customized routine?

Anywhere. Everywhere. It’s yours to play and post to your hearts content, HOWEVER you can’t re-sell it, sponsor it, or make a buck from it. Now that IS just like heckling!

How will I receive my customized routine?

We considered carrier pigeon, but the Pigeons Union wouldn’t budge. Once post-produced with all the bells & whistles, you’ll get an email with a link to download your routine in the format of an MP4 digital file that can be played on any digital player that plays videos (like Quicktime).

You can also have it delivered on a thumb drive for additional charge, which means we have to (GASP!) use “snail mail” or another form of human hands. Yuck. There will be an additional charge for the actual thumb drive and the postage. Hey, YOU try to cut a deal with the US Postal Service!

What format is my routine delivered in?

Every routine is presented in high quality MP4 video that can be played on any standard video player such as Quicktime.

For a slight upcharge, you can also order an MP3 audio version, perfect for iPods and any other audio player. Hey, our boss still uses an iPod, so we have to say that or he takes away our free donuts.

How can I play the downloaded file at an event?

We deliver your Performance to you in one of two ways: Our standard method is to send it to you via WeTransfer – a simple file sharing service. All you have to do is click the link that is emailed to you to download the video file, and it’s yours to use. You would then send or deliver the file to the person or performance that uses a simple MP4 file for playback. For an additional charge, we will send the file on a physical USB drive that can be plugged into any computer or similar device. 

If you are playing the Performance on a computer or projected screen, you would need to send or deliver that file to them for playback. From there, they do the rest. You may send files again using any simple file transfer service.

If you are playing the Performance at a venue as part of a celebration or meeting, we suggest you send the person in charge of their Audio-Visual team your file prior to playback so they can test it with their equipment. MP4 files are a common standard in video, and everywhere worldwide has the technology to play them back on demand.

Whatever method you choose, we deliver the completed Performance to you. All you have to do is upload to a playback device, and the Performance will play perfectly in sync. 

How can I find out about the status of my order?

You will receive email notifications as your order is being processed. The first one is an order confirmation. Then within 2 weeks you’ll get another email with a link to download your completed routine.

After you’ve had a chance to review your routine, we will send another email with the option to leave a tip for your comic and review their performance. If you have not received any emails after placing an order, or have questions, please contact us.