Mark Evans for Toast Boast Roast Comedy



1 min 30 secs $180

2 min 30 secs $280

5-8 min Corporate $400



Adult/Mature, Bachelor/ette Receptions, Corporate ,Family Friendly, Political, Redneck, Sports

WHY MARC EVANS IS YOUR PERSONAL COMIC: Native of Atlanta GA and having spent his entire life in the Deep South, Marc not only embodies the “Southern Comic”, but he has made a career out of promoting the ability to be “Southern, Not Stupid”, the name of his show taking audiences by storm, coast-to-coast. When you provide Marc with the background he needs to create your customized performance, imagine those years of life on the road, growing up in the South, and what he will weave into your event or special occasion. And he does everything at a PG-17 level, which for you young’uns means its mostly clean with a little edge to it. It’s not squeaky clean, mind you, but not over the top.

PICKING THE PROPER AUDIENCE IS A SPECIALITY: That’s why we have you fill out a detailed backgrounder, so Marc and all of our comics know exactly what and where the line is for your event. Marc has years of experience working both family and adult audiences, and thus knows exactly how to cut the difference. He’s a master at adjusting on the fly and fitting everything to the occasion.

THOSE HUMBLE BEGINNINGS MAKE FOR GREAT COMEDY: Marc once thought about going to a baseball fantasy camp, but when he saw the price tag of $3500, he instead opted a comedy workshop at $195. That happened thanks to a night job at The Improv while studying to become a paralegal, and THAT was after being a club DJ and deciding he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life behind a console. Now THOSE are experiences worth the price of admission, and all part of what you get in a performance by Marc.

HEADLINE: “The simplest way to get revenge on anyone is to know the year, make and model of their car, then go to Wal-Mart and purchase a locking gas cap. Guess who keeps the key?”