Jillie Reil for Toast Boast Roast Comedy



1 min 30 secs $180

2 min 30 secs $280

5-8 min $450

jillie reil


Adult/Mature, Roasting,Corporate Events, Characters, Sketch Comedy

WHY JILLIE REIL IS YOUR PERSONAL COMIC: There is only one “Cougar of Comedy”. and she is now ready to dig her claws into your event. Jillie Reil is the original, keeping audiences laughing across Southern California and America at legendary venues such as “The Comedy Store”, “The Laugh Factory”, “The Improv” and “The Ice House”. No fear whatsoever in turning everyday romantic encounters and current events into commentary only the Cougar brings to the fore. Imagine having her take on Anniversaries, Wedding Receptions, Bachelor/ette Parties, and even that “Coming of Age” event!

CHARACTERS FROM THE MOVIES STRAIGHT TO YOU: The Cougar beings to your event a seasoned motion picture view, with such characters as Cheryl, the ditzy plastic surgeon sidekick to a frigid tantric yoga instructor. Once you deal the insight into your event and the person for whom you’re creating a performance, Cougar weaves one of her hysterical characters into turning out a memorable gig. Sorry, but real yoga instruction is extra, and you better bring your own mat.

A HEARTWARMING STORY OF DREAMS FULFILLED: Jillie Reil was raised in rural Minnesota, but as she got older, she felt like her heart was somewhere else. So, she followed her dreams of getting Botox to Southern California and chasing men half her age. Lots of wine boxes, leopard print and college boys later, she has never looked back. Now she looks into your occasion, your event, the honoree.

HEADLINE: “Black Lives Matter” is an important subject, but suddenly we have suburban housewives trying to become socially aware, and they start with saying, ‘There are black people out there?”