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Boost Your Event’s Buzz:

Increase Engagement &

Keep Attendees Coming Back!

As an Event or Meeting Planner, you’re always juggling a hundred different things, with both lead times and budgets shrinking. 

We get it.

That’s why we created a new solution just for you that can help with all of this: 

Toast Boast Roast Comedy is the home of


An Exclusive 1:1 Service that provides you with everything you need to have customized videos at your event that people will be talking about for months and even years!

Lock in your entertainment now!

What exactly is this?

  • We help you make a selection from our roster of national touring, top-notch comedians who will perform customized and personalized videos just for your event. 
  • We’ll get detailed information about your event and what to include, and you’re done.
  • In less than 30 days, your video content is delivered!

The Benefits of Customized Comedy Videos at Your Event

Boosts Engagement

Video content is one of the top three most effective types of content for engaging attendees ( A well-timed comedy video can re-energize attendees, ensuring they remain engaged throughout.

Lasting Impression

Events that evoke strong emotional responses, like laughter, are more likely to be remembered. Comics telling memorable stories, lightening up the mood and open networking & participation.

Book Future Events

People love sharing funny and entertaining content. With a comedy video, attendees are likely to share on social media, providing additional promotion and potentially increased interest in future events. (Forbes)

Toast Boast Roast Comedy exclusively delivers Nationally Touring Comedians!
NO amateurs or beginners!

Check out some of our comics:

Questions? Ready to book?


Here’s a sample of the “a la carte” services for each stage of your event planning (we’ll go over the details of course, the sky’s the limit!)


  • Attendance Promotion Videos
  • Sales & Marketing Social Media
  • Booth & Placement Sales Promos
  • Tease Event Schedules
  • Tease Awards & Promotions
  • Sponsor Inclusion


  • Welcome & Farewell Videos
  • VIP Introduction Videos
  • Breakout Session Entertainment
  • Event & Information Videos
  • Voiceover Announcements
  • Headline Event Entertainment
  • Scriptwriting for VIPs
  • NOW BOOKING: LIVE Virtual & On Location Performances


  • Entertainment Highlight Reels
  • Social Media Programming 
  • Targeted “Thank You’s”
  • Personalized Messages
  • C-Level Messages
  • Promo Upcoming Events
  • Sponsor Inclusion 

Contact us to schedule your no-pitch, FREE 1:1 consultation!

And as if that weren’t enough…Toast Boast Roast Comedy & Fuzzy Dogs Productions LLC will make a monetary donation to a local animal shelter with every performance purchased.

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